The Legalities Around What Constitutes Running A Business From Home

Many people who have become tired of commuting or want to be their own boss are looking to run a business from their home. What many aren't aware of is that it can be illegal to run certain types of businesses from the home in some place. There are some things that you need to take into consideration though when doing this.  So, what constitutes running a business from home from a legal point of view?

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What is KPI Digital Marketing?

KPI refers to Key Performance Indicators that can be measured and represents how effectively a company or a business can achieve their key business objectives. A corporation may use the KPIs to evaluate how successful they are in reaching their targets. 

For the use of KPI in digital marketing, it refers to the values which are used for the marketing teams for measuring and for tracking the performance of their marketing campaigns. There are a number of tools which are used by the digital marketing teams for the promotion of their products and services and tracking their results is both, complicated and time-consuming. As such, by having specific KPI for digital marketing, it becomes much more comfortable for an organization to determine their goals and their targets and to measure performance based on these values.

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Light Up Your Day with These Fun Workplace Activities

Employees often complain about the strict and tiring routine at work. Researchers have proven that when employees lack motivation and a happy mindset, it not only affects their professional life but also their personal life. To boost your employees' morale and raise their spirits, arranging recreational activities for them is beneficial for the company.

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Following are some fun workplace activities that can help create a more pleasant working environment for your employees:

  • Celebrations: There are many important events and celebrations that come around every year. Companies and organizations can arrange office celebrations on these occasions. These can be religious, national or international celebrations, but the aim is to make the employees excited and pleased with the decorations and the food. Employees can also celebrate among themselves without involving the company.
  • Games and Team Building: This is another way to make the environment at your workplace pleasant. Employees can play different games with each other. It will be helpful if the employer can arrange these game events for them. While playing these games, opportunities to mingle and create special bonds are endless. Many companies have started to arrange fun team-building activities to not only please their employees but also to ensure better performance from them.
  • Page-a-Day Calendars: This activity is practiced in many offices. Every year, employees are given a calendar that they keep at their desk or hang in their cubicle and someone will write something on their calendar. The purpose of this activity is to lift your employees' spirits through encouraging messages and make them laugh through jokes and funny doodles.
  • Create a Comic Board: Every office has conflicts and tensions among colleagues. Employees can look for the humor in a certain conflict and express it through cartoons. This will not only resolve the tension in the environment but it can give a creative outlet to your employees.

What A Business Leader Discussing Keys To Success Has Shared


As an entrepreneur, you look to the successful leaders in business to guide your journey. CEO Anand Mishra, a business leader discussing keys to success, is familiar with the path of beginner entrepreneur to a successful leader.

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How to Feel Confident About Your Looks


We don’t want to look ourselves in the mirror, we are terrified of being photographed in certain situations or under unflattering angles or lightning, and sometimes we even use photo editors to remove “flaws” in our face or body. Fashion, social pressure and the habit of using unrealistic standards to compare ourselves to others are all enemies of self-esteem and can harm us more than we think. For that reason, it is very important to learn how to be confident about your looks.

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How To Be Happy Being Single Man And Enjoy Your New Freedom


When you are fresh out of a relationship, things can seem terribly depressing. You are just entering a new stage in your life and you may not know what to do. There are times when you are going to feel extremely lonely and you will miss what you once had and lost. 

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Finding Happiness With Yourself And Life

You only have one chance on this earth. Don’t waste it by spending your time being miserable. Instead, spend your time doing things that make you happy. When you focus on things that will provide you with happiness, it will make a dramatic impact on your life. 



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A Look at the Better Alternatives to Beer Gift Ideas

While some may find those beer gift ideas out there, including a margarita gift basket, their best option as far as gift baskets are concerned, apparently, you could really do better.



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Are Snack Gift Baskets Really a Good Idea?

Snack Gift baskets really do seem to have taken the gifts industry by storm. Ranging from Indian businessmen like Anand Mishra to popular actors like Dwayne Johnson, many have been spotted with a gift basket to gift to someone while heading for a birthday party or other event.

However, while a gift basket can indeed stand out and make the receiver feel special, it would probably only be possible if you choose a gift basket theme ideas carefully. Usually, the generic ones such as a usual beer basket may turn out to be far from being impressive.


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