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A Look at the Better Alternatives to Beer Gift Ideas

July 25, 2016

While some may find those beer gift ideas out there, including a margarita gift basket, their best option as far as gift baskets are concerned, apparently, you could really do better.



Anand Mishra, someone who seems to understand how the gift industry works, talks about how some other gift basket ideas, such as a fruits gift basket, are gaining more popularity lately.

An important note

It’s probably because there’s always a good bit of chance to go terribly wrong with the aforementioned gift basket ideas. On the other hand, there seem to be some particular gift basket ideas out there that may work well for pretty much all occasions and turn out to be a great gift regardless of the receiver’s preferences.



Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right gift basket ideas.

Should be a “warm” gift

The gift basket should actually seem more than just a “gift” to the receiver. If you put in some thought into it, it may really turn into a “warm” gift, standing out from all the other ones the receiver may be getting if it’s an occasion like a birthday.

Need to reflect that you care



That’s right! If you choose the right type of gift basket, it would definitely reflect the fact that you care for the receiver. So basically, you would want to learn something about the receiver’s likes and dislikes for choosing a gift basket that shows that you put in some effort into making sure they would like it.

So for instance, if you’re aware of the receiver being a regular golf player, you can make a hobby gift basket with some golf accessories, perhaps a book about learning how to play golf better and throw in some other general stuff such as fruits and/or a cool cap.

Are Snack Gift Baskets Really a Good Idea?

July 4, 2016

Snack Gift baskets really do seem to have taken the gifts industry by storm. Ranging from Indian businessmen like Anand Mishra to popular actors like Dwayne Johnson, many have been spotted with a gift basket to gift to someone while heading for a birthday party or other event.

However, while a gift basket can indeed stand out and make the receiver feel special, it would probably only be possible if you choose a gift basket theme ideas carefully. Usually, the generic ones such as a usual beer basket may turn out to be far from being impressive.


Choosing the right “idea”


This is especially true when it comes to making custom gift baskets, as its theme and idea tend to be the most important factors. That being said, here are a few factors to find out whether snack gift baskets, or any gift basket ideas for that matter, would turn out to be an ideal choice for the receiver.



The preferences of the receiver


Far too many people make the mistake of choosing a gift basket idea or theme without even considering the preferences of the receiver. It’s probably the reason their gift basket never gets the attention it probably should.



That being said, while snack gift baskets may appeal to some, it surely won’t go well with someone who’s very careful with their health. Hence, you may instead want to go for a fruit gift basket for them.


The occasion


While a snack gift basket may be considered as a pretty casual gift and may not raise eyebrows at most occasions, you still do need to consider it anyway. Of course, if you’re looking to wish someone to get well soon after an injury or health issue, a snack gift basket would be a terrible idea.

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